Energy Machines

Water Source
Heat Pumps

Extremely efficient water to water source heat pumps that can achiever COPs in the range of 8+ in simultaneous heating and cooling modes.








Energy Machines Cloud
Factory Controls

Expanding the controls beyond the WSHP chasis allows for performance and features not otherwise possible.








Simultaneous Heating and Cooling


No Minimum Flow


No Minimum Turndown


Best In Class Efficiencies

Simultaneous Heating and Cooling - Central Plants or Distributed MERs

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We Deliver an Energy Focused Outcome

Best in Class COP

Extremely efficient units that can reach COPs in the range of 8 or 9 during simultaneous heating and cooling operation.

No Minimum Flows

Design your system with one less thing to worry about.  The secondary system design does not affect the heat pump operation.

No Minimum Turn Down Ratio

Yet another thing you need not worry about.  The secondary system is unaffected by the WSHP’s mechanical parameters.

Energy is Redirected

We move BTUs within a floor, building or campus from areas that need cooling to areas that need heating.

Self Balancing System

Operate in 100% heating or 100% cooling and everything in between.

Expandable and Flexible

Plug and play expandable design.  We can help you design a system that will meet the needs of today and give you the ability to adapt to the needs of tomorrow.